About Us

Scotty’s Plantscapes is a licensed landscaping firm dedicated to offering responsible, responsive and respectful service to customers.

Based in Ramona, California, the 19-year-old organization has won numerous awards for landscape design, including designs that incorporate water conservation and other earth-friendly approaches to home and garden beauty. Scotty’s Plantscapes recently expanded our offerings to include organic alternatives to gardening, landscaping and maintenance.

About Scott Ensign

As a child Scotty’s favorite pastimes were playing music and working in the yard. For Scotty, yard work was fun and it was an activity that the whole family did together. Each child had a small plot of garden and would work to make their plot productive and beautiful. Scotty’s older siblings, who would often out-do Scotty’s designs with elaborate bridges and waterfalls, are now part of the team who help him each year create a gorgeous display at the San Diego Home/Garden Show’s Master Gardeners Exhibition, which showcases the work of the most talented landscapers in San Diego County.

While Scotty has done yardwork throughout his life, he and Rose Evans started Scotty’s Plantscapes with a $65 gift certificate they received for their wedding in 1997. Over the past 19 years, the company has continued to grow, including expanding into maintenance, with the maintenance division coming into being purely through customer requests.

One of the things clients most enjoy about working with Scotty is his natural ability as a teacher. He offers people many choices and options, reviewing the pros and cons of each, and supports them to make their own decision. His constant appetite for new ideas and approaches to landscaping recently led him to using organic products with clients who prefer this method, and he is enjoying educating people about organic alternatives and dispelling myths about organics.

Scotty also serves as the secretary of Ramona’s Design Review Board, where he has been elected twice into office.

Here are a few highlights of Scotty’s achievements:

  • Earned the Landscape of the Month award several times by the ECC of the San Diego Country Estates
  • Won a place in the RCP Block and Stone calendar three years in a row
  • Two of Scotty’s landscapes were featured in the SDCE (San Diego Country Estates) Home Show landscape
  • Scotty completed water conservation training to install weather-based irrigation controllers, rain sensors and irrigation efficiency evaluations from the San Diego Water Authority
  • Received an Award of Excellence for Best San Diego Adaptive Landscaping, a Silver Award for Best Intimate Garden and Best Educational Signage, as well as the Award of Merit in multiple years in multiple categories, at the Garden Masters Exposition (you can see some of these designs on our Portfolio page).